Cheese Products


Cheese products from all over Crete

Our company with respect for tradition and quality, cooperates with small cheese dairies, helping local communities to grow and show off the Greek tradition of our country. The production takes place only when the animals have milk without the usage of milk powders and other substitutes. So the ingredients become our first concern. Tastes rich in fat or not, with the cow or goat milk, obsolete or fresh, all for the most delicious taste experience.


Gruyere Rounds

Spicy Gruyere Rethymno “Gasparakis”  ±15kg

Spicy Gruyere Mylopotamos “Voltirakis” ±15kg

Sweet Gruyere Sfakia “Tsitsiridis”  ±16kg

Small Gruyere Sfakia “Tsitsiridis”  ±1,5kg / ±3kg

Packaged Gruyere

Sweet Gruyere Rethymno  “Iliakis”   ±400gr.

Spicy Gruyere 12months ripened Rethymno “Iliakis”  ±400gr.

Spicy Gruyere Milopotamos “Voltirakis”±400gr.


Γραβιέρα Γασπαράκης

The Gruyere of Crete PDO is one of the most calcium-rich foods that can be consumed. Traditional hard cheese with a compact elastic mass. Cheese propionic fermentation with slight sweetish taste, buttery due to fat and pleasant organoleptic properties. Important to highlight the flavors is the curing time, the time of milk collection and the area where the animals are fed. It is consumed as table cheese plain or with honey.


Sweet Kefalotyri Rethymno “Iliakis”  (packaged) ±1,5kg

Kefalotyri Mylopotamos “Voltyrakis” (packaged) ±3kg

Kefalotyri Iliakis

Kefalotyri is a hard, salty and spicy cheese, made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. Consumed as fried or added to foods such as pasta, meat or cooked vegetables and fried potatoes. Kefalotyri matures after three months. A ripe kefalotiri, one year or more, is more dry and with a stronger taste. Can be eaten as a snack together with raki or grated onto other foods.

Goat Cheese Rethymno “Tzourmpakis”  (packaged) ±1,5kg

Goat Cheese Rethymno “Tzourmpakis”  (packaged) ±300gr.

Γίδινο Τυρί Τζουρμπάκης

It is a Kefalotyri which is produced solely from goat’s milk, this is the main reason its color is whiter than kefalotiri. It is made with less salt and in combination with goat’s milk has less fat and unique natural flavor. It has a very pleasant sweetish taste, with elastic mass.

White Cheese in Brine

Brined White Cheese “Feta” Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged) ±500gr.

Τυροκομικά Προϊόντα

“Malakiotiko” sheep cheese (blue), white table cheese which is preserved in brine. It is the so-called “feta” but because it has been registered as a protected designation of origin PDO in the regions of mainland Greece in Crete, it is not allowed to maintain this designation and called Mounting and white brine cheese. The soft sheep (blue) with 100% sheep or 50% sheep and 50% goats with maximum humidity of 56% and 43% fat content. The expiry date is 12 months after production date. Used in local cuisine to produce various dishes (spinach pie etc), a nice accompaniment to salads.

Anthotiros – Mizithra (Saltfree)

Mini Anthotiro Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged)±400gr.

Mini Myzithrakia Sfakia (packaged) ±400gr.

Ανθότυρο Μίνι Ρεθύμνου “Ηλιάκη” (συσκευασμένο)

Myzithra or otherwise anthotyros fresh, one of the traditional cheeses of Greece and also considered as a separate cheese category. Traditional soft whey cheese (whey after Graviera production, Kefalotyri, white cheese brine) is prepared from sheep or goat whey, to which was added 20% goat milk. Characterized as a soft white cheese with fluffy smooth texture without holes and a creamy sweetish flavor and low in fat, which melts in the mouth, leaving behind a rich experience. It is ideal for diet eaten plain or with honey excellent in many culinary preparations savory or sweet. It is ideal in pies, patties, tzevremedes, lychnarakia, accompanying with other cheeses in salads, cheesecake, handmade ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach.

Barrel Xinomyzithra Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged) ±400gr.

Ξυνομυζήθρα Ηλιάκη

Soft non-formed white cheese, which production is similar to the fresh cheese with the exception of allowing it to mature and become sour as a sweetish taste just before consumption. With rich buttery texture and moderate saltiness. The maturation takes place in barrel wooden or plastic powers where it gets its name. It is a key ingredient for the traditional Cretan dako with chopped tomato, oregano, capers and mint. Try also on salad on grilled vegetables, pies (sarikopites, agnopites etc.) combined with other cheeses or herbs also fits in pasta and in tarts.

Galomyzithra Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged) ±400gr.

Galomyzithra Sfakia “Tsitsiridis” (packaged) ±400gr.

Γαλομυζήθρα “Τσιτσιρίδη”

The ntakos’ cheese, also called Pichtogalo or Galomyzithra. It is a soft cheese ripening, pasty texture with acidulous pleasant, refreshing taste and aroma. Produced from goat’s milk. Consumed as an appetizer, on salad instead of feta, in patties, and cheesecake. It is a key ingredient for the famous sfakianopites.

Toulomotiri Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged)  ±300gr.


Hard cheese made from goat’s milk, has a spicy flavor and intense aroma. A cheese, which take its origins of Asia Minor, which has been taught to us from Asia Minor’s citizens, who have come to Greece after the Asia Minor disaster. This cheese is matured in in sheepskin of animal use, after a certain disinfection and maintenance process. Once this was the way of maintenance and maturing in caves because there were no refrigerators.

Dried Anthotiro Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged) ±400gr.

Dried & Grated Anthotiro Mylopotamos “Voltirakis” (packaged) ±400gr.

Dried Anthotiro Mylopotamos “Voltirakis” (packaged) ±1,5kg


The dried Anthotyros is actually anthotyros fresh dried and mature, as its name clearly implies. The main cause of the production was to create a bit more salty cheese, which can be sanded. Characterized as a semi-hard, table cheese, white, without holes a briny, buttery flavor somewhat intense rich flavor characteristics. Produced by Cretan goat’s milk, from local animals graze freely and is a cheese of high quality and value. It is consumed as table cheese or grated over pasta.

Milk cream Rethymno “Iliakis” (packaged)


Athogalo or cream is the product obtained from the partial or total skimming of goat milk. The cream contains almost all the fatty ingredients. The athogalo can be spread over bread, baked with eggs and used to produce various traditional dishes such as pastries, cookies etc. It is the basic ingredient that makes the  famous “staka” and “stakovoutyro”.

Stakovoutiro Sfakia “Tsitsiridis”


It is a product obtained after boiling goat cream (athogalou) and has 95% fat. Used in kitchen to give a special flavor to traditional dishes such as pilaf, roasted meat and in baking to give a specific aroma and flavor to sweets or cookies, kourampiedes etc.